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Welcome to Hive Aid – from the National Beekeeping Centre for Wales

About the National Bee Centre Wales

Each year the National Bee Centre Wales welcomes 15,000 visitors, educates 500 school children about bees, trains and informs hundreds of Welsh beekeepers, lobbies landowners and hands out tens of thousands of wildflower seeds.

By supporting our work you will be making a real contribution to the welfare of the Welsh honeybee population.

Thank you!

Hive Aid

Think bees are just about honey? Think again…

As our greatest pollinator, bees are responsible for a third of foodstuffs that make it to our plates from staples like apples and pears to exotics like avocados, mangos and coffee.

But our honeybees are under threat. Loss of habitats, pesticides, diseases, pathogens, pests and climate change are threatening their survival.

When you join Hive Aid you will be supporting Welsh bees and safeguarding them for future generations. You’ll learn all about these fascinating creatures and what the National Beekeeping Centre for Wales is doing to protect them.

Plus you will get a great welcome pack that also makes a wonderful gift.


At just £30 Adopt a Hive makes a great gift for any gardener, nature lover or foodie, plus it’s a wonderful educational experience for a child.

Friends of the Bees

Can you spare £2 a month to support us in our work to protect our most important pollinator? Join Friends of the Bees today!